We are in a mission !

After spending decades building complex IT solutions and improving security for enterprise clients, our founders set out in the exciting mission to leverage enterprise-grade solutions to provide measurable value to smaller organizations.

We strongly believe that information technologies are key to increase business agility and help deliver value and growth in a fast-changing competitive landscape. However, mitigating cybersecurity risks should be a core requirement that entails an ongoing focus.

Here are the guiding principles we follow as a service provider to achieve our mission:

    • σ Help businesses uncover the potential of IT to increase agility and improve competitivity.
    • σ Raise awareness of business disruption that can be caused by cybersecurity threats.
    • σ Ensure businesses clearly understand that proactivity results in a much lower total cost than reacting after the facts.
    • σ Strive to provide outstanding customer service and continuously improve our service reliability, efficiency, and overall quality.

Our Values

Adapted services and great value

We provide services adapted to your reality and value you can easily appreciate.

Outstanding customer support

Our highest priority is to provide you fast service and effective support to minimize impact on your business.

No-nonsense plain language advice

We guarantee plain language advise you can easily understand and relate to.

Industry latest technologies and best-practices

We leverage latest technologies and proven industry best-practices used by large enterprise.

Proactivity and focus on prevention

We advocate for prevention and preparedness to avoid unpredictable outcome and downtime.

Your success is definitely OUR success!

We thrive to be the trusted partner to support your growth and success.