Business Cyber-Resilience

Cyber-attacks represent an increasingly important threat to businesses large or small that can lead to significant recovery costs or even to go out of business.

Considering the accelerating pace of cyber-attacks and the growing resulting profits for criminal organizations, we believe that being a target of a cyber-attack is only a question of time for most businesses.

Maintaining a resilient business that can withstand a cyber-attack requires business leaders to recognize cybersecurity as a key business risk and manage it proactively across the various aspects of the business.

Syntrology experts will work with the customer to assess various aspects of the business and measure maturity and resilience levels. Based on the assessment, we provide a detailed actionable plan to address any weaknesses in order to improve resilience and readiness of the organization.

Leveraging our proactive approach of cybersecurity management, this service allows business leaders to establish a clear view of their posture and actual risks, which in turn empowers them to take the most appropriate decision regarding risk mitigation based on measurable facts. All this is done in alignment with budget and capacity constraints.

We help you perform the right level of due diligence and avoid over-spending decisions that can be caused by an incomplete understanding of the actual risks or pressure from security vendors.