Active Defense for Small Business

Increasing Cybersecurity attacks represent an existential threat to businesses large and small and cannot be neglected anymore given the mounting costs including insurance coverage, increasing regulatory scrutiny and potential future liability of business executives.

On the other hand, the fast development of the threat landscape makes it extremely challenging to keep the pace and maintain a reasonable security posture. This is true for large organizations but particularly hurts small businesses given significant resources required to maintain security that makes it out of reach for majority of them.

Based on extensive experience implementing security controls and measuring their effectiveness, we designed a unique set of active defenses that allow small businesses meet the Cybersecurity challenges without breaking the bank.

Our service leverages state-of-the-art Active EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response) provided by SentinelOne. It is ranked as the top AI-based autonomous endpoint cybersecurity defense used by many Fortune 500 companies.

SentinelOne uses the latest advances in security technologies and Artificial Intelligence to detect and stop attackers in real time. It is fully managed and continuously updated to detect and thwart the latest threats. It represents the best approach for Small Businesses to defend against ransomware and other cybersecurity threats without the complexity and high costs associated with other approaches.

To increase the effectiveness of Active Defense, we provide a real-time Web filtering solution that blocks access to known malware and suspicious web sites and help prevent the user from inadvertently clicking on a malicious link.

We strongly believe in the effectiveness and adequacy of our services to a majority of Small and Medium Businesses. Please feel free to schedule a free call so we can better understand your needs and explore how we can effectively help your business.